Wrist Locks: From Protecting Yourself to Becoming an Expert

Wrist Locks, plus
Now revised and updated, Wrist Locks is finally available in soft cover, with 423 new photographs, almost 100 added pages, two new bonus chapters and more.

Who knew that almost 10 years ago, a little hardback book would become so popular with the martial arts crowd? Also, security guards, police, and other law enforcement officials treasured this book.

It was the first book to take both beginning and intermediate martial artists beyond the mere techniques of wrist and joint locking. Now, there are even more principles, reversals, counters, patterns, and lessons in practical application.

The first edition of Wrist Locks garnered wonderful reviews in Police and Security News, The Rap Sheet, and American Police Beat, as well as many online sites. Martial artists from all over the world have written testimonials. Hundreds of them. You can find them on many web sites, including Amazon.com.

If you want to make wrist locks practical, control attackers, and add even more pain to your martial-arts techniques, then you should check out this new edition of Wrist Locks:

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